Why Ably Apparel is a Must-Have Item for Business Travelers

There’s travel, and then there’s business travel. Business travel is efficient. It means packing one carry on suitcase and a briefcase. It means bringing a small capsule wardrobe along – one that is practical and stylish.

So what makes Ably Apparel® so great for business travel? Read on to learn why Ably isn’t just great for business travelers – it’s a necessity.


Comfortable, natural material

Ably Apparel is designed with comfort in mind. Our co-founders wanted to create clothing that’s both good for your skin and the environment. That’s why all Ably shirts are made with 100% all-natural cotton. We’re firm believers that you should not have to choose between comfort and high-performance clothing. With Ably, you can have both.


Stain and odor repellent

Ably Apparel is incredible for many reasons, but its true wow factor comes from being both stain AND odor repellant, without sacrificing softness or breathability. How do we accomplish this? The incredible properties of Ably Apparel come from Filium®, our eco-friendly technology.

Filium® repels all the liquids that cause bacteria to grow in your clothes and make them stink. That means your clothing will smell fresh no matter how many hours you’ve been wearing it – or in how many cities. It’s this same technology that works to repel stains, so you no longer have to worry about plane turbulence or swerving taxis ruining your clothing. Ably has got you covered.



What’s more stylish and classic than a soft white crew neck or a perfectly cut black v-neck? When paired with a tailored suit jacket, Ably shirts make the transition from the airplane to the business meeting effortless and efficient. Wear your shirt for the rest of the day’s activities too, like to the gym, happy hour, or even dinner. Ably can handle it.


Reduces Space

We get it. You have one small suitcase to bring along on all your trips, and the fewer items in it the better. What if we told you that you could pack just one Ably shirt for your business trip? We’ve had some folks wear Ably tee shirts in the gym for a month, and for more than a week at a time in hot and steamy places like Cuba and India and their shirts stayed odor and stain free. Ably shirts only need to be washed infrequently (as little as once or twice a month), depending on just how much they’ve been worn and for what use.

So go ahead - wear your outfit on the plane, when you land and to all your after work events and don’t throw it in the hamper when you get home. Ably will keep you looking and feeling stylish, fresh and comfortable, no matter where you are in the world.