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A close-up of a water droplet on Heather gray Ably water-resistant apparel.


The incredible properties of Ably Apparel come from Filium®, an eco-friendly technology that makes any natural fabric repel liquid and resist odor without sacrificing softness or breathability.

A water droplet on Ably apparel, showing off its water-resistant properties.

What Does
Filium® do?

Filium® makes ordinary fabrics extrordinary. Imagine a life where your clothes shrug off water, resist stains, and refuse to smell anything but fresh after weeks of wear.

  • Nano Free

    The Filium® process is safe for you and the planet. We don’t use any nanoparticles or chemicals that can break down and leach into your skin or the environment.

  • Odor Free

    It’s not sweat that makes clothes stink — it’s bacteria that grows when sweat soaks into fabric. Since Filium® repels liquid, your perspiration evaporates through the breathable fabric leaving your clothes smelling fresh even after a hard workout.

  • Stain Resistant

    Wine, coffee, melting ice cream — anything you used to worry about ruining your clothes runs right off Filium®-activated fabric.

  • Faster Drying

    Dunk a Filium®-activated shirt in water and it’ll still get wet. But since the fabric repels the liquid, it dries up to 40% faster than regular clothing.

  • Eco-friendly

    We don’t use nanoparticles or harmful chemicals that break down and leach into your skin or the environment. Filium®’s core technology is produced according to bluesign® standards for sustainable materials and production.

  • Less Laundry

    With clothes that resist stains and odor, you’ll find yourself spending a lot less time doing laundry. What’s more, by reducing how often we wash and dry clothes Filium® can make a significant dent in our carbon footprint.


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In the Press
Customer Testimonials
  • I would rather be hiking than doing laundry!
    Ably Apparel sent me a shirt and asked me to put it to the test. They said it repels stains, moisture and odor. I won't even tell you how much I've worn this shirt or the things I've done to it, but they weren't lying. Now I need one in every color, because I'd always rather be hiking than doing laundry!
    Holly Johnson @missholldoll
  • I want to wear Ably shirts on all my travel adventures around the world.
    I had to see for myself to believe it. A lightweight shirt that doesn't get sweat stains? Repels light rain and spicy salsa accidents? It's a comfortable and good looking t-shirt that I can use for days without worrying about odor. Now I want to wear Ably shirts on all my travel adventures around the world.
    Matthew Karsten
  • the hoodie smells just like it did when I got it. It still smells brand new.
    I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This item of clothing resists coffee stains ( a hallmark of almost everything I own). I had to try it. So for the last week, I have been wearing my hoodie almost non-stop without washing it. (To test it out of course) In the past week, I have run around the woods playing Frisbee golf, lifted weights four times, and spent 3 hours doing cardio. That is enough to make any item of clothing stink. However, the hoodie smells just like it did when I got it. It still smells brand new.
  • This Shirt is Blowing Our Minds
    Can we please have all of our clothing made out of this cool fabric coating now? We tried out a t-shirt from Ably that’s made with Filium, an amazing fabric treatment that repels liquids. How It Rates: Usefulness: 10/10. Never worry about stains again! It also repels odor and moisture, so you can wash your clothes less often. Durability: You could pour a glass of red wine all over this white shirt and it will just run right off! Cool Factor: I’m mesmerized by this technology–this would be a game changer for travel if more clothes were made with Filium. Final Verdict: We can’t wait to see this innovative fabric coating hit the market!
    Caroline Morse