The Ably® Story

Two brothers, Raj and Akhil, spent forty years in search of a better way to make clothing without the heavy environmental footprint. From trails and parks to gyms and offices, they traveled around the world in search of what was missing: functional, flexible, and fashionable clothing that can be worn all day every day without needing to be washed. Through the invention of Filium®, a technology that makes natural fabrics repel liquids, stains, and odors without affecting how soft and breathable they are, the brothers developed Ably, a line of clothing that drastically reduces carbon emissions and pollution.

Unlocking fabrics full potential with Filium®

With Filium® activated materials, consumers can purchase more natural fabrics that are better for the environment, reducing the amount of time they spend doing laundry, which in turn reduces the amount of energy, CO2 emissions, and resources used in the laundering process. Whether traveling to the trail, park, gym or office, Ably apparel offers function, flexibility and style. The Filium® technology pushes the boundaries of what is possible for each piece of clothing, in turn pushing the boundaries of what we can expect from our apparel. With shirts, pants, and more that stains, odors and liquids cannot attach themselves to, the entire collection consists of universal essentials that are ready for anything.