We have a bit of a reputation.

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of Seattle?
Is it the stunning nature, the high-quality coffee, or the iconic Space Needle?

Probably not.  It’s rain, right?  We have a bit of a reputation.

Every time someone finds out that the Ably team is based in Seattle, we’re asked about the weather and if it does indeed rain all year round.

It doesn’t, but we do get a generous amount of rainfall here. In fact, The Seattle Times just reported that October saw record-breaking rainfall in Seattle this year, at a whopping 10.05 inches.

We’re in for a wet winter.
While most Seattleites aren’t looking forward to the extra rainfall that is bound to hit Seattle this year, here at Ably®, we aren’t concerned. We’re rocking our Ably hoodies to keep us feeling like it’s #RainlessInSeattle all year long.
But just how exactly are we doing this?


Meet Filium®.

The incredible properties of Ably Apparel come from Filium, an eco-friendly technology that makes any natural fabric repel liquid and resist odor without sacrificing softness or breathability. Each all-natural cotton piece is activated with Filium through a process that is safe for you and the planet. We don’t use any nanoparticles or harmful chemicals that can break down and leach into your skin or the environment.

The Benefits:

Faster Drying:

Ably Apparel isn’t 100% waterproof. Dunk a Filium-activated shirt in water and it’ll still get wet. But since the fabric repels the liquid, it dries up to 40% faster than regular clothing. This means you can wear your Ably hoodie on those rainy Seattle days without worrying that you’ll be stuck in wet clothes all day.

Stain and Odor Repellent:

It’s not sweat that makes clothes stink — it’s bacteria that grows when sweat soaks into fabric. Since Filium repels liquid, your perspiration evaporates through the breathable fabric leaving your clothes smelling fresh even after a hard workout.

In fact, it’s this same technology that works to repel stains; wine, coffee, melting ice cream — anything you used to worry about ruining your clothes runs right off Filium-activated fabric.

Less Laundry:

With clothes that resist stains and odor, you’ll find yourself spending a lot less time doing laundry. What’s more, by reducing how often we wash and dry clothes, Filium can make a significant dent in your carbon footprint.

A Drier Winter

So Seattleites, are you ready to experience #RainlessInSeattle despite what the weather report says? Then it’s time for you to order your Ably Apparel. Ably Apparel comes in three styles for men and women: hoodies, long-sleeved shirts, and T-shirts. Order now by clicking here and keep yourself #RainlessInSeattle and beyond.

Have more questions? Check our Frequently Asked Questions here!