Ably® Apparel isn’t for the faint of heart!

Ably® Apparel isnt for the faint of heart. By design, the 100% premium cotton shirts are meant for those who dont want the small things to get in the way of the other things they love in life.

Our customers don’t want to do laundry on Sundays; they want to test a hiking trail theyve never been on before.

Our customers want to look fresh and ready for anything - be it a keynote address at a tech conference or a CrossFit gym session.

Whats more, our customers are health-conscious and environmentally aware - they care about their effect on the planet.

Our customers love Ably® because our shirts are stain and odor resistant, not to mention the water repellant qualities that make Ably super durable (and a fun party trick.) Other brands claiming similar qualities often use nano-technology, which can leach into the skin and cause harm.

The incredible properties of Ably Apparel come from Filium®, an eco-friendly technology that makes any natural fabric repel liquids and stains and resist odor, all without sacrificing softness or breathability.

Our customers have been putting Ably Apparel to the test. One adventurer said, “Ably Apparel sent me a shirt and asked me to put it to the test. They said it repels stains, moisture and odor. I won't even tell you how much I've worn this shirt or the things I've done to it, but they weren't lying. Now I need one in every color, because I'd always rather be hiking than doing laundry!

We want to make sure our current and future customers continue to enjoy Ably clothing and so we want to be as transparent as possible.

Below are some frequently asked questions:

Q: Will my Ably tee shirt or hoodie repel every single type of stain, dirt, or liquid?
A: Ably Apparel is not absolutely perfect. Any substance that is rubbed or ground into the garment will be absorbed. If wine, coffee, or other liquid is spilled on the shirt, rinse it with a bit of water or flick it off. Our lab is constantly working on ways to improve the performance, breathability and texture of our apparel.

Q: What makes Ably tee shirts and hoodies different than other clothing that
claims to have similar superpowers?
A: While most, if not all, other clothing claiming to be water repellant are made with
petroleum-based synthetic materials (nylon, polyester, etc.), Ably Apparel is 100% natural premium cotton. There are no synthetics and no nanoparticles. Filium, our patent-pending technology, allows us to create natural fabrics and clothing that repel stains, liquids and odors while retaining the natural feel and breathability that we prefer.
Q: How many times can I wear an Ably tee shirt or hoodie before I have to wash it?
A: Ably Apparel is activated with Filium, our proprietary technology, which has been wear- and performance-tested for several years now, both in-house and by independent labs. Weve also had some folks wear Ably tee shirts in the gym for a month, and for more than a week at a time in hot and steamy places like Cuba and India. They were all astounded that their shirts stayed odor and stain free.
As such, ABLYtee shirts and hoodies do not need to be washed frequently.
Q: Are there are any special laundering instructions for an Ably tee shirt or hoodie?
A: We recommend washing Ably clothing in cold water with a mild detergent only (no bleach, no fabric softener, no other additives). Then hang dry, or if you must, machine dry, but on low heat only.
Q: How many wash cycles can an ABLY tee shirt or hoodie go through before it loses its stain, liquid and odor repelling properties?
A: The apparel industry estimates that cotton garments have an average life of 30 to 40 washes. Since you dont need to wash your Ably tee shirt or hoodie as often as other clothing, and if you follow our care instructions when you do, we estimate that your Ably clothing will last a longer period of time than your other cotton garments.
Q: What is FILIUM® and how does it work?
A: Filium is our proprietary, trade secret, and patent-pending technology that allows natural fabrics to repel and not absorb sweat, most liquids, stains, and odors, while maintaining the fabrics soft feel and breathability. All of our Ably clothing items are Filium-activated”.
Filium permits natural fabrics to be non-absorbent, which means two things: liquids and stains are not retained in the fibers of the fabric and sweat is allowed to evaporate naturally through the fabric (just as it would if you are wearing nothing).
Q: Is the Filium technology safe?
A: The core technology of Filium is manufactured in accordance with Bluesign® standards for sustainably. Filium does not contain any nanoparticles or harmful chemicals that can leach into your skin.
Q: Are Ably Apparel garments anti-microbial?
A: Ablys 100% cotton apparel are Filium-activated. We cannot and do not make the claim that Ably clothing is anti-bacterial (neither the FDA nor the EPA will permit us to say that exactly). However, Filium-activation means that our Ably tee shirts and hoodies do not absorb and retain many microbes found in human sweat, which cause garments - including most synthetic active wear - to retain odor. This is why you can wear and workout in an Ably shirt or hoodie for days on end and it will still smell fresh.

Ably’s Kickstarter community is beginning to receive their shirts. We are moving as quickly as possible to ensure our early supporters get everything they hoped to get out of their Ably gear.

We believe in our product - in its intended positive affects on lifestyles as well as on the environment. Just as objects we use everyday improve all the time - as our phones become water resistant, our homes become smarter, or our cars drive themselves - our clothing needs to become more sustainable and durable to match the type of lives so many of us are striving for.