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Introducing, Intelligent Essentials


Don't take our word for it...

Best shirts ever!!

"I am the kind of girl that will always spill something on my shirt! Now I don’t have to worry!"

Pleasantly surprised

"Fit is great. I experimented with a 3 day (18 hour avg) run and noted no odor"

Best Hoodie Ever.

"Repels water and doesn't smell even after wearing to and from the gym for a week. I feel confident knowing it is clean and smells fresh without washing."

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Key features of Filium®

Filium® makes ordinary fabrics extraordinary. Imagine a life where your clothes shrug off water, resist stains, and refuse to smell anything but fresh after weeks of wear.

Yes, Ably® essentials can still get wet. But they dry 40% faster thanks to Filium® technology.

Finally, a water-resistant technology that is safe for both you and the environment.

Our essentials don't stink. Filium® repels liquid, allowing your clothes to stay sweat-free.

Liquid runs right off your clothing. Whether it's coffee, wine, or your favorite sports drink.


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