While we all love to travel, most of us dread packing.

Packing lightly is an ideal we all strive for, but overpacking is a common pitfall even amongst the most experienced of travelers. The space in your backpack is incredibly precious, so how do you choose the best items to accompany you on your adventures?


Items that are both functional and lightweight are key. Below are some of our favorite must-pack items for backpacking, designed to help you maximize your time exploring the world.


  • The Scrubba Wash Bag
  • Backpacking is fun but doing laundry isn’t. Weighing just 5 ounces, the Scrubba markets itself as the world’s smallest washing machine. Its flexible internal washboard provides a machine quality wash in just minutes. All you have to do is fill it with water and soap, roll and clip the bag, rub to wash, and rinse and dry. The bag doubles as a dry bag, and once you’re done washing, the whole thing folds down to pocket size. This is truly the best way to make doing laundry as convenient as possible.

    1. LifeStraw Filter

    The adventurous traveler doesn’t always have access to clean water. Whether you’re camping in the wilderness, hiking all day, or simply unable to access bottled water, Lifestraw has got you covered. This BPA-free straw meets US EPA drinking water standards, blocking 99.99% of waterborne bacteria - meaning you can drink water from any container. Plus, thanks to Lifestraw’s “Follow the Liters” charity program, each consumer purchase provides one school child in a developing community with safe water for an entire school year. Now that is a mission we can get behind!

     Learn more about choosing the best backpacking water filter.


    1. Ably® Apparel

    The environmentally friendly Ably® Apparel collection of shirts, long-sleeved T’s, and hoodies is a must-have addition for any backpacking trip - just ask Simon and Erin from Never Ending Voyage. All Ably Apparel is activated with Filium®, an eco-friendly technology that makes our clothing both odor and stain-resistant. We don’t use any nanoparticles or chemicals that can break down and leach into your skin or the environment. Plus, our clothing doesn’t need frequent washing, making it the perfect item for any backpacker. Order yours now at


    1. Lewis N Clark Electrolight Backpack

    We all love our 60L backpacking backpacks, but nobody wants to carry it around on a quick day trip or for a day out on the town. That’s where the Lewis N Clark Electrolight Backpack comes in. This lightweight stain and odor resistant bag is perfect for those days you don’t need to carry all your belongings with you. Not only does it weigh a mere 3-ounces, but it also folds into a small pouch, taking up virtually no space in your backpack. Plus, it comes in four colors, making it both practical and stylish.


    1. Eagle Creek TravelLite™ Towel

    The perfect travel towel has two main characteristics: it dries quickly and doesn’t take up too much room in your suitcase. The Eagle Creek TravelLite Towel fulfills both criteria. Not only does it compress into its own compact mesh stuff sac, but it is also made of quick drying fabric. Never again will you have to lug a damp and heavy towel around in your backpack!


    While packing for a backpacking trip sometimes feels like an impossible task, we’re confident that each of these items will help you master the concept of packing light. That way, you can spend all your time exploring and less time doing laundry or worrying about the weight of your bag.