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Staying connected and in the moment can seem impossible, especially for those of us who work from home and use online resources all day long. Here are some of our favorite ways to stay present during family get togethers:


  1. Plan in advance. Holidays can be tricky, especially with big families and a lot going on. Being ready in advance can make the celebrations much smoother. Look ahead to potential stressful situations and stop them before they start. Having Quarantine Babies over? Move your breakables to a top shelf. Family divided over politics? Prepare trivia or a game to play so there is no time for cringey debates. Have an offensive family member? Don’t invite them. 

  2. Power Down. Choose a time together to turn off screens and distractions and give everybody a chance beforehand to adjust their work and social schedules accordingly. Preparing to power down is more than just setting your out of office email - it might mean printing off a recipe, finding a different way to play music, or dusting off an old polaroid to capture moments. 

  3. Get Outside. Nature is the best. Spend some time together listening to the sounds or the silence. 

  4. Enjoy being where you are. Practice gratitude for this special time and the loved ones you share it with. Remind yourself to enjoy being in the moment.

  5. Prioritize Rest. Whether its actual sleep, a movie day, or time together (or apart) reading, give yourself some times to relax. You deserve it!