Best Holiday Gifts for College Students

Most of us look back at college with fond memories of sporting events, random adventures with friends, and themed parties. However, what’s most often forgotten is that college sometimes feels like a game of Survivor. How can I stretch my budget through the end of the month? How can I cook with just a microwave? And most importantly, how long can I get away with these clothes before doing laundry? The college struggle can be real.

Now that we’re nearing the end of November, many college students are eagerly anticipating the holidays. This year, forget about knitting the college student in your life a sweater, and get him a gift he really wants instead.

1. The minibru Coffee Press

Since most students live in dorms, chances are they don’t have a place to set up a gourmet coffee station. What he really needs is the minibru coffee press. This device allows one to brew a delicious cup of joe in just minutes – with virtually no mess. Just add the grounds and hot water to the mug, let it steep for a few minutes, then insert the filter cylinder. Voilà! A perfect cup, every time.

2. The Healthy College Cookbook

Every college student wants to save money and eat well…and by eating well, we aren’t talking about instant noodles. For the student who doesn't want to spend all his money on fast food, this cookbook is the perfect gift. What’s more, it’s made for college students, by college students with enough simple recipes so there’s no excuse not to partake in some home cooking.

3. LSTN Headphones

These headphones are made of reclaimed wood, making them both stylish and eco-friendly. They’re foldable and easy to carry, making them perfect for a late-night study session or an impromptu adventure. Plus, proceeds from each purchase help give hearing aids to someone in need through the Starkey Hearing Foundation. What’s not to love?


  1. Ably Apparel®

The all-natural environmentally friendly Ably Apparel collection of shirts, long-sleeved T’s, and hoodies is the best gift for college students...or anyone, really. All Ably Apparel clothing is made from 100% natural cotton and is activated with Filium®, an eco-friendly technology that makes our clothing both odor and stain-resistant. The best part is our clothing doesn't need frequent washing - making it essential for a busy college student. Less laundry means more time for studying - or socializing. Now that’s what we call a win.


  1. Solio Bolt Solar Power Charger

Not only is this charger virtually weightless at 5.3 ounces, but it also holds a charge for up to one year. Just one day in sunlight fully charges the battery, but it can also be charged via Micro-USB on those cloudy days. It's the ultimate tool for charging USB-powered electronics on the go.


While the perfect gift is different for every person, we’re confident that each of these items will bring joy to all college students - whether it’s music to their ears, food in their kitchens, or less laundry in their hamper.