The Future is Filium®

These days it’s getting harder and harder to tell truth from science fiction: driverless cars cruise the roadways, machines imbued with artificial intelligence answer questions with silky charm, and entrepreneurial individuals aim to commercialize travel through space. Here on Earth, technology proliferates our every decision, from how we wake up in the morning to how we get to sleep at night.

Yet, for all the advancements to its production, clothing has remained stuck in the past—right? Wrong! The unveiling of Ably®’s signature Filium® technology marks a sea change in the industries of looking sharp and staying clean. Here’s why:

Filium® makes stains and odors a thing of the past

Soiled shirts now join flip phones and consumer privacy as things of the past, thanks to Ably®’s signature Filium® technology. What’s Filium®? This ground breaking 21st century tech is what makes Ably® gear tick—and what keeps everything from ketchup to sports drinks from leaving a mark. That’s right: with Filium® in play, Ably® gear repels liquids of all kinds, making stains and odors relics of an era bygone.

Fewer stains means fewer washes

Now, it stands to reason that a shirt that stays cleaner longer gets washed less often, no? And fewer trips to the wash means less time—and money—spent wasted on the spin cycle. Better yet, Filium®’s naturally liquid-repellant nature means makes for a shorter drying time as well, meaning fewer minutes and less energy spent wicking water out of the wash. Save yourself, and the planet, the hassle of all that laundry, with Ably®.

Filium® is nano-particle free

Unlike its imitators, Ably®’s Filium® technology is completely free of hazardous nano-particles, which are known to degrade into the environment and our bodies—with pernicious consequences. And since Filium® isn’t a starchy veneer applied to finished garments but a texture-friendly technology integrated in the weave itself, all your favorite cottons, wools, and silks remain as touchable as ever. Filium®: a technology as friendly to the environment as it is to the touch.

Key features of Filium®

Move aside, flying cars and robo-maids—the future is Filium®, and the future is now. More information is available on Ably®’s game-changing technology below.

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