March spells a newer green on the leaves, a modestly warmer forecast, and the occasional, cautious sunbeam scoring the clouds. And, as with the rest of the country, March means the foray into our favorite tournament in mental instability: March Madness.


Well, we at the Ably offices thought we’d get in on the action with a little Merch Madness of our own. Curious? Here’s the play:


  1. In the first open bracket, we’ll discount our design team’s 64 favorite styles at a promotional rate of 5% each. These all-star items will be randomly assigned as a hopeful competing in this years’ March Madness tourney.


  1. As prospective champs advance to prize brackets, so will the winning gear—and at a greater discount. As with all things, though, there are losers, and as defeated teams drop out of the tourney, so will our fallen favorites, along with their respective discounts.


  1. A champion is crowned—both on the court and in our online store! Better yet, our reigning style will stay enthroned at its promotional (and hard-earned, we should mention) rate for three days after the tourney’s conclusion.


We know how it sounds. Bananas? Maybe. Out of this world? No doubt! But, what can we say? That’s Ably for you.


So this March we hope you’ll join us while we are glued to our tablets, tv sets, and the Ably online store.


Discounts per bracket: 

Round 1: 5%
Round 2: 10%
Regional Semifinals: 20%
Regional Finals: 30%
Semifinals: 40%
Championship: 50%

Tournament Winner: 60%

Discounts are not cumulative. Discounts are valid only on products in the active bracket.  Valid while supplies last.  Sorry, no rain-checks.

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