Ably Apparel {less laundry & less to pack!}

This month I had several incredible companies contact me about sponsored posts. Though I prefer to heavily limit the amount of sponsored content on this blog,  I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to work with companies that are a natural fit for my family and this blog. This month I chose to work with two companies that are so very “Campbell” – something that promotes reading (Amazon Kindle) and something that helps reduce laundry on our adventures (Ably Apparel)!!

Reduce laundry. That could be a mic drop for any mom.


The mere thought of getting in our trailer and going somewhere makes me crazy giddy. I love an outdoor adventure.

Pretty much every part of heading outside to somewhere new is my favorite. So far our longest trip in the trailer was 5 weeks. A 25ft trailer with 7 people for 5 weeks sounds horrific to some people – to me it was glorious. I will say the biggest downside was laundry. I had to remind myself daily to be grateful we had clothes and the ability to wash them – even if it was in a pan of water outside the trailer.


We have some big trips we are dreaming of in the next few years. As we dream and plan, we are trying to be intentional about finding ways to make our trips as hassle free as possible. A little while back Ably Apparel contacted me about their line of clothing that repels liquids, odors & stains. I normally do not agree to things involving anything remotely related to fashion. I’ve said time and time again I’m a hoodie and shorts girl. Then I got an email about a hoodie that repels liquids and odors – um, yes, sign me up. I told Chris this could potentially be an answer to how we can travel lighter and do less laundry.


So I put it to the test. I wore it everyday to Crossfit (during warm-up) for 2 weeks, around the house most of those days, and then wore it hiking/climbing before I washed it. The weather is pretty cold, so I didn’t really sweat much in it, but it never got stinky. I also did a lot of dishes in it and never had wet sleeves…a mom would understand that struggle.


The guy jumping is our friend Michael – he hangs out with us a lot. I figure it is time for him to make his blog debut. For my local Tulsa readers – this is Chandler Park.



The biggest downside to Ably – they don’t make kids clothes. More specifically, they don’t make clothes for boys ages 8-12 who create more stinky laundry than seems humanly possible. I hoping by the time we leave on our long trips, Ably will have sizes that fit my girls and maybe my boys will be big enough for the smaller men’s sizes. Even if we didn’t have trips planned, I wouldn’t mind being able to stretch out the laundry situation around here!




So my honest thoughts on my new Ably hoodie – I am a huge fan. HUGE FAN.  It is replacing the 3 gray hoodies I usually rotate between. My friend Jenn was happy they sent me the plum color because I always pick black or gray. I’m glad they did too. Besides being odor and liquid repellant, I really like that it holds its shape. My other hoodies get loose and stretch out after wearing them a few times. I’m still wearing it every morning and can’t wait for our next road trip.

When I consider traveling with the kids, I would love to be able to get shirts and hoodies for each of them. Most of our travel involves spending the majority of our time outside, living in small quarters and traveling light. What a beautiful world it would be if I could pack far less clothes for my crew and do less laundry!

I would like that. A lot.

Here is a video to give you a fuller picture of how the fabric works…watch until the end to understand the technology.

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[Note: Many thanks to Ashley Ann for her incredible review our Ably® tee shirt. You can follow Ashley's travel exploits on her blog at Under the Sycamore.]